Good Energy vs. Bad Energy

It is amazing the difference between good energy and bad.  It is astounding how a negative person or negative event can put the kibosh on a good vibe, at least this has been true with me for much of my life.  Maybe it was all the walking around in fear growing up concerned over the mood of my father.  In any case, a negative vibe seems stronger than a positive vibe.  Is this true for you?  What can we do about this?

I hope all of you know what a positive vibe aka Good Energy feels like.  It is more than just feeling good about yourself, your appearance, your clothes, your house or you job.  At its core essence it is about love, appreciation and gratitude for everything!  Your spouse, your children the sunrise and sunset, the air we breathe, our friends, every moment!  Can you feel me?  Do you have more of these vibes than the negative ones?

And you know the negative ones as well.  Being fearful, angry, jealous, depressed, unappreciative, unloved, doubtful, and expecting the worst.  Do you walk around like this all the time, coupled with not being present, just kind of walking around with blinders on or looking at everything and thinking the worst of every situation or everybody?  Kind of funny how watching the news, reading the paper, or checking out MSN news can put you in this vibe.  Hmmm – what to do?

Even more interesting, have you noticed that sometimes when we are in a good mood, even a really good mood all it takes is one situation to all but destroy it?  An overly aggressive or inattentive driver cutting us off, someone being rude to us or a boss that just plain expects the impossible; or maybe simply being in the presence of a negative person can have such an effect on us, or not!

Not that I am perfect, I am not, I do get annoyed occasionally, but generally over the past three and one-half years I tend to not react.  Sure, I am confronted on occasion with situations where I basically wonder if I am okay. What I mean is a situation where I am either uncomfortable, feel inadequate in some way or even tested in some way.   Over the past three years, I have discovered that if I don’t react, just keep on keeping on with my positive vibe, I realize that flash feeling of not being okay was nothing, and I am indeed okay.  On rare occasion that the slight was real, after waiting I could address appropriately without angst. 

Easy to talk about it, but not easy to live all the time.  Even now, with this apparent progress, I can totally freak out if I think I am lost while driving somewhere I don’t know.  Not perfect at all, but there is always the next moment where I can try again.  Every moment and every stumble is an opportunity to learn, but still I wonder why a negative vibe can so easily diminish a positive vibe.  Maybe it is just me or maybe it is just the human condition as all of us stumble and trip down the path of spiritual evolution.

Here is to your continued spiritual growth!

Many Blessings!


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